The Transcript
Each week as we read dozens of transcripts from earnings calls and company presentations, we take note of interesting and important quotes from management about the economy and industry trends. The best and most important quotes are compiled in The Transcript, our weekly newsletter.
The Transcript has been running for more than 5 years now and was previously called the¬†Avondale Asset Management Weekly Newsletter. Scott Krisiloff is the founder and now co-authors the weekly newsletter with Erick Mokaya. The blog used to be featured on the CFA Institute’s Enterprising Investor blog as The C-Suite Speaks.
Our value addition is in sifting through the rubble of company transcripts to identify generating the jewels of quotes that can make a difference. We desire to generate quotes that unlock value for subscribers in their investments. We strongly believe that good management teams generate and share excellent and actionable advice that we can pay attention to. The weekly newsletter is our main communication tool with our subscribers so subscribe here.
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The Authors:
Erick Mokaya (On Twitter: @ekmokaya)
Scott Krisiloff (On Twitter: @skrisiloff)
Bryan Menezes
Rebecca Wanjiku
Alp Berk