The Transcript 07.29.19

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Succinct Summary: We are deep into the expansionary cycle. The persistent global uncertainty is unnerving investors who are choosing to adopt a wait-and-see approach as they look for clarity from the central banks. The market anticipates rates to go lower and the central banks seem to point to a similar direction. Such accommodative policies will spur this cycle on. 

The Transcript 11.05.18

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Succinct Summary: Many are concerned that growth will slow but current US economic fundamentals are strong with high business and consumer confidence. Inflation pressures have mounted and some of those price increases are making their way to consumer goods. There’s more anxiety in the global economy, especially emerging markets.

The Transcript 10.29.18

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Succinct Summary: Recent volatility has people concerned and some are starting to model in recessions. However the real economy is still strong and the outlook is positive. Securities markets are leading indicators though, especially when driven by Fed tightening. If the Fed doesn’t bow to political pressure, volatility is likely to persist. International markets have already been in bear markets for some time.