We have received a few mentions in the various finance media and blogs (Note that these are not reviews): 

“This is really good...Definitely want to follow and subscribe.”
“Earnings conference calls are a good test of the actual numbers and often more important to investors. The Transcript provides a nice summary of what is said, adding color and nuance to the reported numbers”​
Jeff Miller
A Dash of Insight (Finance Blog)
"The theme of manufacturing weakness and consumer strength was confirmed by the December 23, 2019 publication of The Transcript, which is a monitor of earnings calls and corporate presentations."
"I used to really enjoy reading a weekly digest of earnings calls from Avondale but then they just stopped, sometime last year, I think? Well, it looks like they’re back, but with a new name and site, now going by the moniker The Weekly Transcript."
I use Feedly to follow a number of blogs including Abnormal Returns, Avondale, Humble Student of the Markets, Meb Faber Research, Philosophical Economics, Short Side of Long, and many others.
As documented by the fine weekly review from Avondale Asset Management..