The Transcript 05.11.20

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Succinct Summary: Companies are reporting signs of improvement in the economy. But the rebound is coming off such a low base that these numbers would still be considered very bad in any other environment. The duration of this rebound will depend heavily on whether or not there's a second wave of infections. Still, even without the virus it probably will take the economy a long time to recover from such a severe shock.  On an industry basis: private capital markets are searching for price levels; consumers are dreaming of the future; tech is chugging along; and the industrial/energy economy is feeling immense pain. Editor's Request: This weekly newsletter is made possible by donations from our readers. If you like what you are reading, click here to donate (Our suggested donation: $10 per month). Help us keep The Transcript going.

The Transcript 03.23.20

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Succinct Summary: The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global challenge unlike anything that we've seen for 100 years. It is like a war with an invisible enemy. It requires coordination and cooperation from all of us. Many industries like airlines and restaurants are seeing their businesses disappear overnight. But the economic impact is nothing compared to the human impact if we don't act. Hospital systems are already being stretched to their limits and the worst may still be ahead. Let's hope not. Our best hope of averting that fate is to buy ourselves time via social distancing and break down regulatory barriers for potential treatments. (Go to to see how important social distancing is in the US).

The Transcript 12.16.19

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Succinct Summary:  The consumer continues to show strength with higher holiday spending. Business spending isn't quite as strong though but companies, especially small businesses, are optimistic. As such, most CEOs don't expect a recession in 2020.  Historically, presidential election years are usually good for the stock market.