The Transcript 10.21.19

Succinct Summary:  Q3 earnings season kicked off in earnest this past week with several banks reporting. Most companies noted that the US consumer is doing very well. Consequently, the US economy has a solid grounding, despite the slowed down global growth. The surprise move to zero brokerage commissions was unexpected by some. The impact has been accelerated flows into ETFs and brokers adjusting to the reduced revenues by trying to Read more

The Transcript 10.14.19

Succinct Summary:  The construction and manufacturing sectors continue to feel the heat of weakening global growth. Some of the tariff increases are making their way to consumers and the heightened global uncertainty is making retailers nervous and customers cautious. Read more

The Transcript 10.07.19

Succinct Summary: The fundamentals of the US economy are strong with confident but cautious consumers. The trade war is causing trade flows to shift causing margin pressures as companies struggle to reposition containers and compete for the remaining business. Read more

The Transcript 09.30.19

Succinct Summary:  The global economy appears sluggish with pockets of bright spots like consumer spending. Some are worried that Europe might be headed for a recession and others are concerned that we are near the top of the cycle. All in all, the economy keeps trudging forward at a slackening pace.   Read more