The Transcript 09.16.19

Succinct Summary:  Global growth has slowed and some companies think that the dark clouds of slow growth will linger with us a bit longer. Others are revisiting their playbook in the Great Recession just so as to be prepared if a downturn happens. Read more

The Transcript 09.02.19

Succinct Summary: There are mixed signals about the direction the economy might take from here. Several companies are prepared for a downturn as they investigate what happened in the Great recession: The contact lenses industry grew and the recreational boats industry rebounded quickly.Read more

The Transcript 08.26.19

Succinct Summary:  It's been a slow week in earnings. The main highlight was the meeting of central bank governors at Jackson hole where the Fed chair acknowledged that the US economy is characterized by weak growth, weaknesses in manufacturing and stable inflation. Elsewhere, retailers have noted that in-store pick up resonates a lot with consumers. Significantly, CEOs expanded the focus of a company to beyond just serving the shareholders.Read more

The Transcript 08.19.19

Succinct Summary:  Most CEOs seem to agree that we are experiencing a slowdown, but not a recession. The fundamentals are strong with high consumer confidence and healthy consumer spending. Weaknesses in manufacturing persist though. Read more

The Transcript 08.12.19

Succinct Summary: Effects of the weakening global growth can be seen in the hospitality industry where lodging demand has slowed. Fewer companies are intent on hiring or spending on hiring despite the tight labor market. Mortgage prepayments are rising given the lower rates. Further afield,  Germany could be headed for a recession and the Chinese automobile industry is having a tough time. Read more